About SculptSmart

Sheena Allen- RN, BSN, is a fitness coach with 7 years of experience, a US Navy Veteran with 5 Years OIF/OEF, and the owner of SculptSmart. Matthew Allen is also a business owner of SculptSmart, U.S. Army Veteran Combat OEF/OIF, with 6 years of fitness experience. Our passion for helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals is our driving force. We started our business with a vision to bring high-quality, trustworthy fitness supplements, vitamins, and minerals to our customers. Our supplement store is curated with only the finest products thoroughly vetted by our owners for quality, functionality, and effectiveness. We are committed to our customers and their needs, so we let them have a say in our inventory and branding. We believe in quality over quantity, always.

Our weight loss vitamins and supplements are specially curated to aid in weight loss while keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, our upcoming pre-packaged, macro-friendly weight loss meals take the stress out of meal planning. No more sacrificing taste for healthy options - our weight loss products are delicious, satisfying, and completely stress-free. We also offer a 3D body composition scanning device that tracks your fitness journey and progress so that you can see the impact of your hard work.

We are working towards obtaining various certifications through the ISSA. As a team, we all understand the importance of constantly improving our knowledge and skills in the fitness industry. Our first certification is that of a certified personal trainer, which will give us the tools to create personalized workout plans for our clients. In addition, we are also pursuing a bodybuilding specialist certification, which will allow us to help clients achieve their bodybuilding goals effectively and safely. Moreover, we recognize the importance of corrective exercise in preventing and rehabilitating injuries, so we are also working towards a remedial exercise specialist certification. Additionally, we understand the critical role nutrition plays in achieving fitness goals, so we are studying to gain certification as a nutritionist.

Furthermore, we are taking steps to become strength and conditioning specialists to cater to clients who wish to improve their athletic performance. Lastly, we are also pursuing a transformation specialist certification that is focused on results that go beyond the physical appearance. These certifications are not just pieces of paper but the stepping stones that will allow us to offer the quality services that our clients deserve.

At SculptSmart, we are more than just a vitamin store - a one-stop shop for supplementation, fitness planning, nutrition, coaching, and fitness consultation needs. With owners who are both veterans with years of experience in fitness and business under our belts, we are confident that we can help you sculpt your best self. Visit us today and start your fitness journey towards a healthier, happier life!